Entry #5

Get A Copy Of My Book!

2010-01-13 02:37:53 by Blaklyon

This is a comic sketchbook of my art. Half of this artwork has not been submitted to DeviantArt so you'll b seeing most of it for the first time. Bear in mind some of the sketches are unfinished or old. But, that's the point of the sketchbook right? To see the concept art and works as they were created.

EmeraldTokyo created the cover and files for print. All the art is mine. You can get a copy at www.emeraldtokyo.com

Get A Copy Of My Book!


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2010-02-07 16:41:57

how much is that comic?

Blaklyon responds:

About $5.00. Once I get started on my own, I plan on doing things my way and, reduce the price a little


2014-03-20 18:55:38

good stuff.

hey, will you do more books like this?

Blaklyon responds:

The next art book I release will be more focused on a single subject. Look forward to it!


2014-12-02 13:56:10

jeff weise's ghost says hi


2015-02-19 02:42:04

in 1 month and 2 days @regret will have gone cho

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